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WORKORHIREME.COM is an online freelancing company with a mission to help businesses hire and contractors find work. We understand that employers have a hard time hiring freelancers because there are too many companies to choose from. For this reason, our mission is to find the right freelancer for you so that you can spend time on other tasks. If you’re an employee, we provide you with projects that allow you to work from home and set your own hours. Tell us what you need and we will get it done successfully and within your budget.


WORK-GIVERS: We can help you complete the tasks you don't wish to do, don't know how to do, and/or don't have time to do. We screen and interview potential candidates so that you don't have to. We find virtual workers for professionals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Please, call or email us with your to-do-list today.


WORK-SEEKERS: We can help you find a flexible job while you work from any location you choose. You must have your own computer and software to do the job you are applying for. Send us an email with your resume, along with a list of the things you love to do and do well.


ESPAÑOL: Estamos interesados en trabajadores con las siguientes habilidades: diseño gráfico, diseño web, traducción, servicio al cliente, ventas, marketing, asistencia virtual, narración, edición, etc.  De estar interesado, por favor envíenos un correo electrónico con sus calificaciones a fin de ponernos en contacto y obtener más información. Recuerde que  debe tener las herramientas necesarias para trabajar desde su hogar y con flexibilidad. 



Hiring a freelance worker or virtual assistant can allow you to do more work in less time during your workweek, this can only be done successfully by taking time to define which tasks to delegate. Whether you need help with data entry, organizing an event, social media, or growing a business. Virtual or freelance workers do their jobs from the comfort of their homes.

These workers focus on administrative, editing, narration, translation, design, customer support, marketing, and tasks that are similar to those of an executive secretary. Anyone with a project and a budget can use a freelance worker or virtual assistant who frees them to do what they do best. Maybe it’s time for you to consider hiring a virtual worker.

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